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Jumat, 18 Maret 2011

Tipe-tipe pria di berbagai belahan dunia.. [WITH PIC] CEKIDOT SIS!!

Amerika : Ambisius, komunikatif, & percaya diri.

Spoiler for Model:

American men run wildly after the dollar, but he is lavish of it: he does not love it; he likes it for what it procures. He will resent an insult, but very quickly forgets it; and there is no man in the world that can stand good-humored chaffing as well as he does. He is audacious, simply because he has done such marvellous things in such a short time that he simply believes nothing is impossible to him. His ideas are eccentric. He lives on a continent so vast that he can hardly see a limit to it. He has the word "big" carved on the cranium, and is it a wonder that sometimes the word is so deeply carved that it makes a hole or a krack in it?

Pria Amerika suka cari uang, tapi boros, tidak cinta uang, suka uang krn bisa untuk belanja. Dia gampang tersinggung, tapi cepat lupa, bisa tahan dibecandain habis2an (secara baik2) ketimbang pria lain di dunia. Berani, percaya tidak ada apapun yg mustahil (hanya karena dia sudah melakukan banyak hal hebat di waktu singkat). Ide-idenya eksentrik. Karena tinggal di daratan yg luas, cara pandangnya tidak terbatas. Kosakata "Kesuksesan" terukir dalam tempurung kepala mereka, saking termotivasinya sampe bisa kebablasan gila.

Rusia : Cerdas, perfeksionis, & royal
Spoiler for Orang Rusia:

A typical Russian man always wants to have the best. He wants to have a better car and a better house than anyone else he knows. So, he also likes to pay for guests and put on a show to demonstrate that he is successful and generous. Russian men are smart, very smart. You can hardly meet a stupid russian. Many Russians have University degrees and russian specialists are very well-known and needed all over the world.

Tipikal pria Rusia selalu ingin yg terbaik. Ingin mobil & rumah yg lebih bagus dari orang lain yg dia kenal. Maka suka menjamu tamu & memamerkan dia sukses & murah hati. Pria Rusia itu cerdas, sangat cerdas. Anda akan jarang menemui orang Rusia yg bodoh. Banyak yg lulusan dari universitas, & orang Rusia yg ahli di bidangnya sangat terkenal & dibutuhkan di seantero dunia. *LEBAYYY*

Jepang : Workaholik, cenderung introvert, & superior.
Spoiler for Myspace:

The Japanese are often said to be diligent, sometimes to the point of being workaholic. They tend to place themselves in their own exclusive and closed communities. Accordingly, they have introverted personalities and they pay serious attention to harmony and cooperativeness in the group. They feel comfortable with familiar people in the communities they belong to. Japanese men really believe that women are inferior. In Japanese male attitudes toward and treatment of women, the Japanese woman's corresponding subservient demeanor.

Pria Jepang terkenal rajin, sampai kadang workaholik. Maka mereka cenderung introvert, dan terfokus pada keharmonisan & mau bekerjasama. Merasa nyaman dgn orang2 yg dikenal dalam komunitas mereka tsb. Pria Jepang sangat percaya bahwa wanita itu inferior. Dalam sikap & perilaku pria Jepang terhadap wanita, wanita Jepang merespon balik dg perilaku tunduk/patuh.

Italia : Anak mami yg tampan, posesif, & sang pencinta.
Spoiler for anak Myspace:

Italian men are typically crazy about mama! She is the light of their lives and they will be the first to let you know. When it comes to Italian men, from Adriano Giannini (Giancarlo's son) to James Gandolfini to Silvio Berlusconi, it's good looks, style, guts, sense of humor, appetite, and arrogance that I love," says Elizabeth Primamore, a writer in Manhattan. The bottom line: Young or grown, Italian men are simply sexy! Italian men can be quite possessive of their women. The degree of possessiveness will depend on the individual but if you are looking for an easy going, care-free lover who will gladly accept that you want to be in an open relationship, be careful that you do not let an Italian man fall in love with you. Once an Italian man has given you his heart he considers you his to keep forever. He is not going to want to share you with anyone, not even your girlfriends in some cases.

Pria Italia tipikal anak mami yg sangat sayang dgn ibunya. Sang ibu adalah cahaya kehidupannya, dan si pacar akan tau duluan ttg hal itu. Elizabeth P (penulis di Manhattan) menganggap pria Italia semua ganteng, modis, berani, suka humor, berhasrat, dan sombong (dlm arti positif *EMANGNYA ADA?*). Intinya muda maupun tua, pria Italia itu seksi! Sangat bisa posesif atas pasangannya. Seberapa posesif tergantung masing2 individu, tapi jangan harap stlh terikat dg pria Italia anda bisa secara bebas menjalin hubungan dg pria lain. Sekali jatuh cinta, anda miliknya selama hidup. Dia tidak akan membagi anda pada siapapun, bahkan teman perempuan anda sendiri (dlm bbrp kasus).

Yunani : Nasionalis, macho, & mandiri.
Spoiler for Myspace:

Many greek men ONLY listened to greek music and associate themselves with greek people. I love my culture, our passion, etc. One thing I love about my Greek man is his spontaneity and ability to take risks, pick himself up and start from the beginning again when things go wrong. Greek men may be more macho than men in some other cultures, but maybe that is what attracted you to them in the first place?

Banyak pria Yunani cuma mau dengar musik Yunani & menghubungkan mereka thdp Rakyat Yunani (cinta kebudayaan Yunani, dll). Spontan, berani ambil resiko, kalau dapat mmsalah dia bisa bangkit sendiri dan memulai llgi dari awal. Pria Yunani bisa lebih macho dari pria-pria di negara lain, mungkin itulah yg membuat mereka jadi menarik ?

Jerman : Serius, cenderung venustraphobia, & pekerja keras.
Spoiler for Pemaen bola:

Men here simply do not approach strangers. Germans are very mechanical, tense, not impulsive, and very precise. German men, it found, “ see the conquest of German women as an extreme sport. The charm thing doesn’t really come into it. Clearly German men aren’t much into their high-risk sports; according to the author, they may even be victims of Venustraphobia the fear of chatting up beautiful women. In Germany, that serious-looking man sitting just over there may be passionately in love with you, and you would never know.

Pria Jerman tidak mau pdkt dgn orang yg tidak dikenal. Sangat mekanikal, tegang, tidak mau mengikuti intuisi, sangat pasti/tegas. Sangat kesulitan menaklukan perempuan Jerman. Mereka tidak bisa bersikap manis. Kurang suka nekat mengambil resiko, bahkan mungkin mengidap Venustraphobia (trauma memulai pembicaraan dgn perempuan-perempuan yg mereka anggap menarik). Pria Jerman yg duduk di sekitar anda bisa jadi amat sangat mencintai anda sepenuh hasrat, dan anda pun tetap tidak menyadari hal itu.

Arab Saudi : Kaku, memanjakan anak isteri, & ego besar.
Spoiler for Myspace:

Arab culture finds a relationship between a young man and an older woman normal, there is certainly no disapproval from any of his friends or from his family. There is nothing such as a "Saudi Way" of treating women, because it all stems from how each man was raised and brought up. As a Saudi female in Saudi I have more rights than Saudi men. I'm always first in line in supermarkets and what not and for example when men see me traveling alone they help me out as much as they can and they treat me like a little sister. Many (not all) Arab men consider that it is no business of their wives what women they frequent outside the home. Some have an ego and attitude problems, they have the "i am the MAN" syndrome, they don’t want to marry working women and if they are working they should quit after marriage. Most Saudi men tend to spoil their wives and the kids too much that the kids become spoil brats who think the world owe them everything.

Hubungan antara lelaki muda dgn pprempuan yg jauh lebih tua adalah normal, teman & keluarga tidak akan mendebat hal itu. Seorang perempuan Saudi lebih diistimewakan dibandingkan lelaki, seperti misalnya selalu diberi antrian pertama di supermarket, dan bila seorang perempuan berpelancong sendirian maka mereka berusaha membantunya seperti membantu adik perempuan mereka. Banyak (namun tidak semua) pria Arab menganggap bahwa Istri sama sekali tidak ada urusan atas apa yg suami lakukan diluar rumah. Beberapa memiliki ego tinggi & perilaku tidak baik dan berprinsip "Saya adalah PRIA". Sebagian besar pria Saudi terlalu memanjakan istri & anak-anaknya sampai-sampai anak-anak pun terdidik menjadi luar biasa nakal dan terlampau manja.

Cina : Tradisi kuat, jaga image, & money oriented.

Spoiler for Artis:

The Chinese are very conscious of face. Face is essentially respect in a community and is a crucial underpinning of society. Loss of that respect threatens the relations of individuals with almost everyone in his or her world and is hard to get back once lost, and thus must be avoided at all costs. Face is called "mianzi" in mandarin, which can also be translated to mean “dignity, prestige and reputation.” It has been said that "face is more important than truth or justice." Losing face if often people's worst fear. The Chinese culture is very money oriented, my Chinese friends will tell you that themselves, make money at any cost. In a cross-cultural study the United States was found to be a more gender egalitarian society than was China. Higgins, Zheng, Liu and Sunconcluded from their study on attitudes toward marriage and sexual behaviors in China and the United Kingdom that "people from a more traditional society (e.g., China) have more consensuses about the gender roles of men and women. The authors concluded that women in Taiwan had more egalitarian attitudes concerning work and family than did Taiwanese men; women in China were more traditionally oriented than were men in China and women in Taiwan.

Orang Cina sangat pantang malu atau kehilangan muka dan sangat menjaga kehormatan. Budaya Cina berorientasi pada uang, carilah uang bagaimanapun bisa. Dalam study silang budaya, Amerika lebih egaliter dlm masalah gender dibandingkan di Cina. Higgins, Zheng, Liu, dan Sun menyimpulkan bahwa masyarakat tradisional seperti di Cina memiliki banyak permufakatan akan peran gender dari laki2 & perempuan. Penulis menyimpulkan bahwa wanita Taiwan bersikap lebih egaliter berkaitan pekerjaan & rumah tangga ketimbang pria Taiwan, perempuan di Cina lebih berorientasi tradisional ketimbang pria di Cina dan perempuan di Taiwan.

Perancis : Artistik, penggoda, & orientalis.
Spoiler for Myspace:

You’ll probably find yourself inundated with compliments and cat calls on the streets, men approaching you in parks, at bars and in the Metro, and generally a lot of male attention and female flattery in France. They’re bold. They’re not afraid to flatter you, and they are usually quite charming. There’s a number of French who got married to Asians in my country. If you have an accent, you are even more alluring you’re exotic, a foreigner. French guys love a girl with her own, strong sense of personal style. I found French guys valued my knowledge of art, literature, music, wine, and good food much more than typical American guys my age. French guys seemed to have found this stuff earlier than the guys I knew.

Pria Perancis gampang merayu perempuan. Mereka berani. Mereka tidak takut memuji anda, dan biasanya mereka manis-manis. Banyak orang Perancis menikahi orang Asia. Aksen bahasa asing menurut mereka menarik, karena eksotik. Suka perempuan yg punya gaya sendiri. Menghargai pengetahuan akan seni, literatur, musik, minuman anggur, dan kuliner.

Finlandia : Eksentrik, diam-diam menghanyutkan, & tahan banting.
Spoiler for Myspace:

Finnish men are from MARS. The quirkiness in Finnish men seems to grow as they get older with their behavior lying on the border of being humorous and being strange. The fascinating character of the Finns can be summed up in a word "sisu". Sisu is more of a concept than something solid. The best way to describe it is quiet determination: the strength to face adversity head on, to not give up, to quietly go about ones business in trying times. Sisu pervades all areas of Finnish life and culture and is reflected in many of the pastimes enjoyed by Finns. While most people would think of a sauna as relaxing, the Finns have made it into a sport. Finns love endurance sports and of they are winter sports, so much the better. Nordic skiing is more popular than downhill even though there are plenty of opportunities for downhill; Finns would rather slog it out on the flat than have a few minutes exhilaration flying down a mountain. While Finnish men may make the best engineers in the world, they are the world’s worst talk show hosts. Topics of conversation seem to be limited to weather, programming in C++, and occasionally Formula One. At parties, while the women are in the kitchen laughing and discussing the issues of the day, the men are sat on the sofa in pained silence. Walls are stared at, lest eye contact encourage some backslider to start a conversation.

Pria Finlandia benar-benar berasal dari planet Mars. Mereka aneh, dan semakin tua semakin aneh sifatnya berada ditengah-tengah antara lucu dan aneh. Sifat karakteristik orang Finlandia secara keseluruhan adalah SISU (atau diam-diam menghanyutkan) yaitu tenang dlm mengejar tujuan, kuat sengsara / tancap saja kalau susah, pantang menyerah, diam-diam mencoba2 bisnis ini itu. Suka olahraga yg mengandalkan ketahanan diri, terutama olahraga di musim dingin. Nordic skiing (ski jumping, crosscountry, dll) lebih populer krn lebih menantang ketimbang ski yg cuma menuruni bukit. Kemampuan mekaniknya hebat, tapi gak bisa ngomong. Di pesta cuma bisa duduk diam & cengok.

Indonesia : *Katanyaaa* Family oriented, pemalu, & konvensional.

Spoiler for Coky:

Pria Indonesia di mata orang asing :
Indonesian guy are (mostly) very shy, extremely, so if you share university with him he must have notice you, but keep it to himself coz he's shy. Start asking him questions, light one, or ask someone to intro you to him believe me he'll be thrilled to know that you notice him too.

Menurut Kompasiana :
Ramah dan hangat (warm and friendly), punya hati nurani yang dalam (conscientious), pemalas (lazy), religius, suka percaya takhayul (superstitious), tidak punya perencanaan (no planners), lamban (slow), rendah diri (inferior), tidak mempunyai kedisiplinan (lacking discipline), pencipta kata jam karet (rubber time), menomor-satukan keluarga (family-oriented), tidak pernah menaati peraturan (do not follow rules), toleran, lebih banyak menggunakan perasaan daripada akal, tidak suka berbantahan (unwilling to confront), selalu diam membisu dalam rapat (silent in meetings).

Menurut ane (dinilai dari peran kepala2 keluarga di sodara2 n famili lah..) :
Bertanggung jawab menafkahi istri & anak, rajin bekerja (lagi2 demi anak istri), mau silaturahmi/berhubungan dekat sama keluarga bahkan sama keluarga istrinya, minta dilayani istri sbg kepala keluarga (dimasakin, dipijetin, dll) krn ngerasa udah berat kerja banting tulang buat keluarga, minta dihormati anak2nya sbg bapak di keluarga (dg alasan yg sama), pikirannya gak muluk2 alias down to earth saja.

Pria Indonesia di mata orang Jepang (males nerjemahin, banyak banget):
Apparently some Japanese women’s view of cultural change as a little more closely familiar with Indonesian citizens who living there. In Sapporo, there are many Japanese people, who are usually female(because men prefer to work and get drunk), often accompanied with students events and Indonesian families. They will observe the simple things, but very unusual when compared with the culture that they run in daily life. The strange thing for them to see the husband washing the dishes, or husbands in the mall carrying groceries, or a husband who closed and locked the door were family will doing trip, or a husband change his son clothes or the husband in the park feed the food to their children. It is also remarkable to see the husband doing Cook and prepare food for his wife, or playing with children while his wife sitting and reading.

They also feel surprised if see some male students from Indonesia always deliver and not allow the female students to go home alone in the night. Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. no fear to go home alone at night. They were even more surprised if knew the reason for not let them alone because fear something would happen on the road, but because of their value as a woman. They feel more surprised if there is someone that is willing to give his bike to riding by them while the owners is walk. There was an event, we walked five, three men (Indonesian students) and two Japanese women. we all bring a bicycle, and very difficult to make and also convince them to use two of our bikes. things become difficult because of the ordinary language and opposite cultural differences. Frankly, when it was offered not because we want to look gentle, but we want them to get home soon. But still very difficult to convince them and in the end we all walk and a bit of delay to get home. In another case, eventually we no longer offer a bike but firmly say, “take this bike or we do not go”.

Incidentally, in a discussion to discuss things, almost all Indonesian people, are people who will listen and respect other people’s opinions. In every discussion, Japanese people are usually quiet and obedient. In many cases, they saw that the Indonesian people have a better culture than their culture, especially in relation to men and women. Two of the three Japanese female friends if asked whether they liked the Indonesian man or not ? Then they will say that they like it and even wanted to marry an Indonesian man. Many Japanese friends who often joined are those aged at least the end of the age of 20 years, which saw the opposite sex is not the handsome and dashing, but more on the characters. The evidence of how ‘famous’ Indonesian man in Japan, at least in Sapporo area alone was found about six families, where their husband was an Indonesian. Perhaps a coincidence, the people of Indonesia who come to Japan are the chosen people. But if we know more about Japanese friends, we’ll know that almost all of them had been to Indonesia, especially to Bali. They already know and interact with Indonesian man ‘directly from the source’. And their opinions have not changed that Indonesian men appreciate women more than Japanese men.

PADA INTINYA : Semua laki-laki dari belahan dunia apapun punya kelebihan & kelemahan masing-masing. Nobody's perfect

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